A little history of where we've come from and what we're doing today:

Bringing a little part of Canada to countries around the world.

Food manufacturing has been our family tradition since 1888. It's dedication has been passed down through 4 generations and you can be confident that our production and sauces are at the peak of culinary delight.

You'll love our new line of RED MAPLE BBQ Sauces with the tangy rich flavour that has the essence of Canada infused into its core with the help of Pure Canadian Maple Syrup.

Our facility is located in Richmond BC Canada, and we have served our customers from this location for over 25 years. As such we have grown ever so efficient in our production methods and continue to develop new manufacturing techniques to become extremely cost effective as well as ensuring the best tasting products delivered.

Feel free to browse our current product line and contact us with any questions you may have.



Markus Skollsberg, CEO

Jan Skollsberg, Chairman

Ruth Cuenca, Plant Manager


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