Reviews and Testimonials

We have sampled our BBQ sauce around the city of Vancouver, BC to get opinions on our sauces and what we can improve. Here are a few of those responses:



Kim Block:


A friend of yours gave my husband your sauce and I tried it out at home this week. LOVE IT!

I am vegan so I put it on tofu and it was delicious. My kids had it on their chicken and they inhaled it.

Would you mind if I wrote about your sauce on my food blog?  I have my own vegan meal planning service and I have a food blog. I love to promote local products. You can do a guest blog if you are interested.

Read the blog review here: What will we eat?

I love eating tofu cold so i just poured the sauce on top and let it sit in the fridge for a bit. It's addictive. I've eaten it twice this week and between me and the kids we're 3/4 way through the bottle. :) Am I going to have to wait until next year to eat this again?? Geez, I'll have to ration myself. I still have the tangerine to try. 



Angela Moore:


Casey Walker gave me two bottles of your Red Maple brand BBQ sauce to try.

I have to tell you I think it is the best sauce I have ever used for grilling.

I used the mesquite on steak and the chipotle on chicken.

The combination of flavors is amazing. Absolutely delicious on both!!!!!!

I plan to try it on meatloaf next which I am sure will add a dynamite taste to the recipe.

I am excited to try your product on many of my recipes and look forward to when it hits the market.

I think the mustard flavored one would be great on ham or salmon.

I think you have a real winner with this product.


Thanks again for a great product.





We had your Chipotle BBQ tonight on grilled chicken, it was very good, my husband & I both liked it very much, the spice amount was great, a little bite but not too much.

I am a chipotle fan so found it very nice.

I would recommend this to my family and friends.

Thank you,




Angela Ruiz:


Good Morning Markus,

We had a chance to try your BBQ sauces yesterday and I have to say I was really impressed with all of them.

I especially liked  the mustard and the mesquite.

I loved the smoky flavor on the mesquite and I loved the sweet and sour notes of the mustard one.

 I can say mustard was my favorite, besides there are not that many mustard based BBQ sauces in the market right now, so that is also a good selling point.

I love how clean your ingredient decks look and the look on the labels, it says summer, BBQ and Canadian all over.

I wish you the best with this project. It looks like you worked hard to get it going and I am pretty sure it is going to be a great.



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